Sweet Tamarind & Smoky Chile Cooking Salsa & Hot Sauce

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TAMAULIPEKA the original Umami Bomb

Sweet Tamarind & Smoky Chile Cooking Salsa & Hot Sauce

Medium Spicy

She’s complex, multi-faceted, and from the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. For me, tropical tamarind, a sweet and sour pod, was intoxicating in its flavor potentials. Tamaulipeka’s sweetness makes her a crowd favorite, but her complexity keeps everyone coming back for more.

This 4 oz jar is created for ease of cooking, as we encourage releasing this flavor bomb into your favorite recipes and tasting the magic that is created. 1-2 tablespoons added to a meal for two at some point in cooking process will imbue rich flavors with a tantalizing smokiness and slow burn of spice without overwhelming the palate.

Ships within two days of receiving order. 

Try her sweet, sour, smoky, salty and spicy layering on salmon, pork or chicken - and definitely experiment with her drizzled over cheeses!

                                      - Julio MM, Cantina Royal Chef

INGREDIENTS: Distilled white vinegar reduced to 4% acidity, tamarind extract, chile peppers, non-GMO corn oil, garlic, anchovies (anchovies, soybean oil), salt, spices.

CAUTION contains Anchovies, Soy


 For a VEGAN versión of this original flavor, check out Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce, as seen on popular YouTube show Hot Ones Season 11