Manzano & Habanero Spicy Chile Cooking Salsa & Hot Sauce

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Manzano & Habanero Spicy Chile Sauce

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Intensely Spicy

Inspired by my favorite song, Tomasa is Extra, Extra Spicy, strong and garlicky, for all those independent women in your life. She gives you trouble, but she knows what she's talking about. You better listen for your own good!  She may be tough and extra picante, but like the song says, you will be so in love with her that you won't ever want her to leave your side.

This 4 oz jar is created for ease of cooking, as we encourage releasing this flavor bomb into your favorite recipes and tasting the magic that is created. 1/2 - 1 tablespoons (remember, this one is a spicy one that sticks with you - so 1 tablespoon for you hotheads!!) added to a meal for two at some point in cooking process will imbue rich flavors with a tantalizing smokiness and slow burn of spice that builds and builds from those habaneros cemadas. Especially amazing as a rub paired with anything grilled - meats, veggies, fruits

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Dark, smoky and a bit of a fireball - she’s very strong. Very addictive. Very smoky. Very black.

Just one drop is best with everything.
Julio MMCantina Royal Chef 

INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO corn oil, chile peppers, garlic, onion, celery, salt


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