Viva Caliente Cooking Gift Set

Viva Caliente Cooking Gift Set

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You’re a hot sauce connoisseur, not a glutton for punishment. That’s why you’ll love this gift set. Brooklyn-based Mexican chef Julio MM’s all-natural hot sauces aren't just spicy for spicy's sake; they’re flavor-packed roller coaster rides, thanks to Chef Julio’s explorations of individual chili peppers.

Checare, a bright, sour, very spicy verde sauce/marinade, is made with green chilis aged in the chef’s special cilantro and bay leaf vinegar for over a year. Tia Piky Lux, a medium spicy sauce/dip made with smoked garlic and arbol chilis, brings a hot, strong garlic essence to your morning eggs, afternoon pizza, or vegetable entrees. Whip up the killer vegetarian recipe wearing the muy festivo Dia de Los Muertos themed apron (both included) and you’ll swear you’re south of the border. Sauce made in Brooklyn. Apron made by single mothers in Oaxaca, giving them business opportunities.


Gift Box: 7.25" L x 4.9" W x 2.9" H


Chechare Hot Sauce
distilled white vinegar, chile peppers, garlic, spices, celery, onion

Tia Piky Lux Hot Sauce
chile peppers, non-GMO corn oil, garlic, onion, celery, spices, salt



- two 4 oz jars of hot sauce
- handmade apron (various designs)
- recipe card