'Ecstatic Warmth' Limited Edition Collaboration with FLAN Labs

'Ecstatic Warmth' Limited Edition Collaboration with FLAN Labs

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Made in Collaboration with Brooklyn-based Streetwear line FLAN Labs

Inspired by FLAN Labs' whimsical take on food-related fashion, Cantina Royal's Chef Julio MM set out to make a Hot Sauce for FLAN, the company, and Flan, the quintessential Mexican Dessert. Never one to do anything the easy way, 1 Hot Sauce turned into 3 Hot Sauces all incorporating different traditional Mexican dried chile peppers and some sort of sweetness.

The result is this Limited Edition Capsule Sauce Collection with Artist labels designed by FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing), and a T-shirt inspired by the old Cantina Royal Restaurant's fun-loving, party vibes!

Included in gift set: 3 Hot Sauces (5 oz each)

Ecstatic ANCHO

This super smoky, earthy Chile Ancho, the vine ripened, smoked and dried Poblano Pepper, gives off (a little more heat and a little more sweet) BBQ or Mole sauce vibes, with hints of Cacao highlighted with Mexican Cinnamon and Corn Ash. 
Heat: Sweet to Moderate
Pairs with: Chicken & Waffles, Salmon, Enchiladas, Pork Ribs, Baked Beans, Pancakes, & Chocolate Cake or Ice Cream

Ecstatic MORITA

Chile Morita, a lightly smoked and dried ripe Red Jalapeño, celebrates it's fruitier side when delightfully and unexpectedly paired with fresh raspberries, fresh rosemary, caramelized sugar and spices. This lighter sauce can also be used like a vinaigrette dressing. 
Heat: Medium
Pairs with: Salads, Yogurt, Bagel and Cream Cheese, Baked Chicken, Ricotta Cheese, Crepes, & Flan

Ecstatic MECO

The classic Smokiness of the Chile Meco, a twice as long smoked completely dried Jalapeño, gets married with the natural rich sweetness of Dates, garlic, and warm spices
Heat: Medium
Pairs with: Cheese and Charcuterie Boards, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Root Vegetables, Chicken, & Brownies