PepperGeek's Best Gifts for Hot Sauce Lovers

February is a weird month. 

It's short, it's cold, there's a Hallmark holiday everyone loves to hate... but that doesn't mean we have to be bitter about it! Spring is just around the corner! Covid is (sort of, kind of) being handled by adults! As we enter into a full year of this new reality, I think we should celebrate by giving hot gifts to our loved ones who love hot things.

If you need some inspo: had a great round-up of the best gifts for Hot Sauce Lovers over on their page that we were honored to be included on.

Mexican Cooking Gift Set

Pick up our Mexican Cooking Gift Set from our lovely partners, Uncommon Goods! They're a great company that cares about the products that carry and who makes them, and we love working with them. They've got plenty of of other awesome gifts on their site as well.

We also love these fun masks for Hot sauce lovers (bc WEAR YOUR MASK - or better yet wear 2 🙃 )



This Fun Mask Trio from Etsy because we love sweet, we love spicy, and everyone loves #tacos

This adorable smiling Peppers Doodle mask from Red Bubble with 3 of our favorite Mexican Chile Peppers, the Arbol, the Jalapeño, and the Habanero! 

We'll get through this with gifts and hot sauce.

Stay strong, spicy friends,

XO Diana

Co-Founder, Cantina Royal Hot Sauce