Resilience Hot Sauce - Turmeric, Tarragon, and Habanero - Medium

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Bright, Fresh, Earthy.
Turmeric, Tarragon, & Habanero Hot Sauce
Heat Level: 4 out of 10 Chiles (Medium to Light spice)

TRY ON: Fish, Lamb, Avocado Toast, Eggs, Mediterranean Cuisine, Tofu, in a Curry, on a Sandwich, as a dipping sauce for Empanadas & Samosas, Kale Salad, Quinoa Bowl, Salads

Sunshine in a bottle, this limited edition collab just makes us smile. ☀️😎

Highest quality freshly milled Volcanic grown Hawaiian Turmeric rounds out the bite of fresh and fruity Yellow Habaneros to deliver a soft heat that slowly builds as you continue eating - if you’re not a fan of a big sting of spicy, but like some heat, this sauce is for you! 

Born out of a collab between 2 Local NYC companies, Resilience Hot Sauce takes its cues from Anjali’s Cup’s signature Turmeric Elixir of the same name, and adds some of Cantina Royal’s Chef Julio MM’s signature nuanced Mexican Heat with fresh yellow Chile Habaneros and that unexpected twist of Tarragon to deliver a finger-licking sauce that’s good enough to slurp down on it’s own. (we’ve basically just been finding excuses to eat it on, it’s THAT GOOD!)

We could seriously lick the inside of this bottle clean, if only our tongues could fit. Bonus for feeling super healthy, cause this thing is packed with antioxidants, and Anjali’s Elixir has major health benefits - carry that over and eat it on all sorts of lighter foods like salads, it’s great for spring/summer meals.

Trust us, just start off buying two, cause you’re gonna run out of this one quick!

Ingredients: Non-GMO Corn Oil, Cannelini Beans*, Ginger*, Distilled Vinegar, Chile peppers, Resilience Elixir (Maple Sugar*, Turmeric*, Ginger*, Whole Lemon*, Lemon Peel*, black pepper*), Tarragon, Kosher Salt, Garlic, Spices.