Tia Piky Lux - Smoked Garlic & Arbol Chile Oil

Tia Piky Lux - Smoked Garlic & Arbol Chile Oil

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Smoked Garlic & Arbol Chile Oil

Medium Spicy makes-everything-better Chile Oil

Piky Lux was the stage name my beloved Aunt went by in her youth, when she was a singer in Mexico City. Tia Piky Lux is the garlic lover's stage fantasy... Her rounded spiciness and strong garlic essence is our version of a thick Salsa Macha (the feminine of the male “macho”), from the state of Veracruz.

Ships within two days of receiving order. 

Let Tia Piky Lux sing for you - saucing up your morning eggs, afternoon pizza, or seafood, vegetable, poultry or steak entrees… 

                                  - Julio MMCantina Royal Chef 

INGREDIENTS: Chile peppers, non-GMO corn oil, garlic, onion, celery, spices, salt 


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