Morita - Bourbon Maple Reaper Hot Sauce 5 oz - Hot Ones Season 23

Morita - Bourbon Maple Reaper Hot Sauce 5 oz - Hot Ones Season 23

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Bourbon Maple Reaper Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 9 out of 10 

Currently on Hot Ones, Season 23!

Try on:   Wings, Ribs, a nice Steak, drizzled over Mac'n'Cheese or Baked Potatoes

Morita. Bourbon. Maple. Reaper... When it comes to the flavors in this sauce, the name says it all. Layering our signature Mexican Chile Peppers into our hottest sauce to date, this Tangy-Smoky-Sweet sauce balances a bourbon whiskey bite, dark amber maple syrup made in Vermont, and earthy smoky chile Moritas with a slow building Heat from fiery Carolina Reapers.

Chileheads, rejoice, cause this one’s for you ❤️‍🔥

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Picture this: waves of fiery Carolina Reapers, rounded with deliciously smoky Mexican Morita Chiles - Add oaky Bourbon Whiskey, Maple Syrup, and a touch of citrus, and you get a tangy-sweet-smoky flavor that cranks (up) into a fireball of heat that seduces the palate.   

                                 - Julio MMExecutive Chef, Cantina Royal

Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar reduced to 4% acidity, chile peppers, bourbon whiskey, maple syrup, onion, garlic, spices, kosher salt.