Bring the Heat Hot Sauce Gift Set

Bring the Heat Hot Sauce Gift Set

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Can't Decide on Just One Flavor?

Celebrate our new Cantina Royal Hot Sauce bottles - packed with the same great taste- in our latest 5 oz 4-Pack. (Still love the jars? Find them here) With Hot Sauces ranging from Medium to Extra Spicy, there's something for everyone in this Hot Sauce Gift Set! 

Produced in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, these Hot Sauces were born out of the popular Mexican Restaurant, Cantina Royal. Conceived by Chef Julio MM, these sauces combine bold and innovative flavor profiles with rich and complex blends of grown in Mexico chile peppers. 

Your support means extra to us right now, as the restaurant recently closed during Covid - but the flavors live on with every bottle purchased! We're so honored to be able to keep delivering the Heat, so stock up, keep shopping small, and never give a boring gift again 🔥 🎁 🔥 

Hecho con Amor 
Brooklyn, NY



  • Yaya Hot Sauce 5oz: Your everyday, everywhere, Arbol Chile Hot Sauce 
  • Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce 5 oz: Sweet and smokey Tamarind Chile Sauce // As seen on Hot Ones Season 11 //
  • Chechare Hot Sauce 5 oz: Bright & Sour 4 green chiles in Aged House Vinegar
  • Tomasa Hot Sauce 5 oz: "Just One Drop" Habanero and Manzano quemadas (smoked & charred chiles) // As seen on Hot Ones Season 15 //

Vegan & Gluten Free

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